Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What Can You Ask For More?

In Summer 2007, I moved to Chicago and started my life as an international art student. This summer 2012, I am leaving this wonderful city to move on to another stage of life.
It's not that I decided to leave, and it's not that I didn't decide.
I have to leave because I am a foreigner with a student visa, and this visa is about to expire. I can stay if I take a possible job offer, I might be able to stay if I spent a fortune on a visa called the Artist Visa. For all of those that I thought of getting, I decided to let them all just went with it.

This photo was taken by a dear friend I have met in the third year of my life in Chicago. It was taken after two years I first met her in room 717, our beloved animation studio. Between those two years, I became her friend from being just her TA.
She taught me to open my heart, to be softer, to let go of stuff that has been on my shoulders for years. In this photo, there are stories within, there are secrets not to be revealed, but a great shot to sum up my four and a half year in Chicago.

Of course, this is just one of those photos that has been taken from one of my dear friends.

Different people see the different side of me, and that's quite natural. Or, I reveal what you helped me to reflect onto you.
Here I just want to put a little coma, a mild stone, an a promise. I will take the lessons I have learned and keep up with them. They are more like practices that need to be maintained.

With this photo on my album and in my life in America, what can you ask for more?

Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Short Pigeon

I saw a short pigeon.
I was wondering why this pigeon was shorter than others?
then it turned, wobbled, and hopped a bit.
It was crippled.

I saw a short pigeon.
It was shorter than other ones,
because it was crippled.

I saw a short pigeon.
It was crippled that is why it is shorter.

A short pigeon doesn't mean its body is shorter.
A short pigeon means its height was lower.
A short pigeon doesn't exist because you don't generally use the word "short" for pigeons.

I saw a short pigeon because I saw it.
It was in my world of pigeons that could be shorter.
In my world there was a short pigeon.
In fact, it was a crippled pigeon.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Coming back to my Blog

My blog isn't really about anything, it's really about ME.
Same as how I used my facebook, it was pretty about ME.
Yesterday, or somewhat about an hour ago, and I really didn't know what happened,
Facebook changed my page into the FUCKING TIME LINE!

Who the heck really need to show their time line to everyone? Plus this time line was designed in such a poor way; a page without a focus point plus it runs slow on my computer!

Yes, I quit using facebook. I will keep Stubborn Stone Productions page though, and I will certainly possibly checking for important messages, but, I am quitting that fucking thing!

I was so angry, and I am still pretty angry.
The feeling was similar to being a nice citizen, living in a little house that you have been there for 20 something years, and suddenly the government decided that they were gonna build us a super nice condo with modern design and technology. WHO THE HECK THEY THINK THEY KNOW WHAT IS GOOD AND WHAT IS NOT? I was using my old facebook page nicely like a loyal citizen, and which damn finger just clicked on the funky button of disaster? Oh no, the biggest disaster was that once you clicked it there was no return??? How was it different than living under a dictatorship?!

So yes, quitting my facebook page cuz it wasn't a facebook page anymore it was the ugly poorly designed time line.

Friday, March 16, 2012