Monday, November 30, 2009

Reading Ma-Sen / 閱讀馬森

It's been a while not collaborating with another performer.
We did my Edith Piaf experimental writing, we turned it into quite an interesting play, an improv. Then we did a bit of the driving in bad weather piece.

No, we did not document it. It was for fun and, I consider it a bit of warm up for our next collaboration.

Ah, it's been a while not doing improv, using my clumsy body.
No, not clumsy, it's just not as skillful as before.
(when was it considered skillful?)

I brought 馬森 with me. I once fell in love with 花與劍 with a group of wonderful performers. This time, I just brought it with me, because the cover of "Seagull" is so pretty. I am not sure about the stories inside though, but I surely miss "Flower and Sword".

So, here is Crispin reading Ma-Sen.
He did well. So did I.
That was fun.




Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Opportunity Shop in Hyde Park

I am participating in this cool show, "the Op Shop".

Showing some paintings, drawings, and also, planning on a performance event.
I will post some photos up soon!