Saturday, August 30, 2008

Walt Disney's Steamboat Willie and Silly Symphony- Skeleton Dance

Disney's early sound cartoon. I am sorry that my animation history is still poor. I will have to check it out if this is the very first sound animation of Disney's or the second..Well, this is from 1928. After the sound live movie, The Jazz Singer (1927). Well, gotta get more hands on animation history!

All I am very sure of is that Mickey was really mean at the time!

Isn't the last part amazing?

Max Fleischer's Betty Boop in Snow-White

Teacher showed us this wonderful weird animation of Betty Boop Cartoon. How creative and strange. The clown singing part is so good, I can watch it again and again.

The clown part is called rotoscoping, they animated from live action by tracing.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lets Go Out and Have Fun

Little fun we had after shooting Three Rooms. Featuring Angelaya and me.

Three Rooms

The final project for my Experimental Animation class last spring. Shot it with Oxberry, 16mm negative. Transfered into digital and edit it on the IMovie newest version on Mac. Added some ambience sound.

It started from a poetic story, about three rooms, each room didn't really have any connections between each other. In those rooms no one was specifically doing anything. I think it's about movements only. What are they doing? Why? How? What's going on? Those questions didn't really matter, but in each room, something, someone was in there, doing their own things.

Looking at people, seeing what situations they are having is interesting. In some moments, probably means nothing to other people, but sometimes I can just laugh or smile or feel sad when seeing the moment happens in every day life. Maybe this is one of the reason I can't feel fulfilled in only drawing or painting, taking photos.. I want to capture "what's going on" in movements.

Friday, August 15, 2008

lizard, woman, horse or dragon?

Well, another image...

I think my images mostly end up like this is all because I am so lazy to plan things out, and then end up hard to give it a nice ending.

I can't complete my drawings. I can't complete a project, but I have to.

龍應台在野火集中說到沒有掙扎過沒有努力過就不要談 “無力感“。

Yeah, she's right. I have to struggle, struggle more. Work more, do more, eat less, sleep less...

My drawings are all evidences of laziness. I think Mom pointed it out a long time ago...They are right, including my sister.
They are all so f..king right. ( Yesterday I watched all afternoon of Kathy Griffin's My Life on the D-list, I like her, but try not swear like her though..)

Life's short, things pass fast. Darn..

By the way, I saw James Jean's work in Prada store. I almost cried. I didn't know why were I that excited, cuz it was HUGE( I didn't take the huge mural in the main hall, too many security) ? Or was it because it's in a Prada store? Of course, we were not suppose to take photos in the store, but, out of admiration, I had to.

half plant half human thing

Started drawing this one from mid June. Didn't plan to finish it, cuz I didn't really know what is completed or not.

I think I am so interested in looking at sea animals, or combining animal images from different phylum. ( can i use this word like that? )

Well, I think the trip to Georgia Aquarium really gave me a lot of inspiration or motivation for making things. Me and Hui even wish we could work in aquarium, but it's not going to be a long term plan for us to stay in the States. Maybe I can go back to Taiwan and work in one of ours.

Future is so foggy.

Recently I kept having that wonder wheel from Coney Island appearing in my dreams or thoughts. The dreams I had these days were foggy too, but I felt that they were cycling. That made me over slept a lot. I couldn't get up. I didn't even know my sister had already gone for work.

What were those dreams? Those places that kept appearing? So curious.

Money Susan's Profile 1

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Examing myself in growing corset

inside this corset dress I feel an energy coming out.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

Carnegie Mellon Professor Randy Pausch (Oct. 23, 1960 - July 25, 2008) gave his last lecture at the university Sept. 18, 2007, before a packed McConomy Auditorium. In his moving presentation, "...

It's good to be inspired. Life is truly beautiful.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Sunsets Coney Island

It has that special personality, just like NY City, sad and happy all that jazz. Old old paradise from decades to decades, time to time..people still go there to celebrate the sunsets which reminds them of happiness and sadness. For me, it's another legendary place, from stories to movies.

I got onto the world's oldest roller-coaster, Cyclone, wasn't fear at all cuz I didn't know what should I be scared of. It was the age, the history that frightened people, but I was there to experience that oldness.

Maybe I could have gone to heaven caused by all the unknown, or, I would like to say, by all the highest expectations from things, little things, so I was fearless.

In fact, it was paradise so there were no reality that day.

Maybe people go there to forget, to pretend it was a journey to the end. Isn't that nice if you could put yourself into a place that might be able to make you laugh until you die? Or not knowing you are already dead? Or maybe try to kill yourself before you leave paradise? ( before you get back to reality?)

Ha, ha, I am just saying, again.

The day we went to Coney Island was,



小雙and Hui.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Grief for the Lost/ got hit by it five times totally

我們落腳紐約的住所是一棟資本主義異常明顯(其實是我們自己大驚小怪吧)的天堂到地獄hostel. 大廳可以看起來像四五顆星的飯店,上了樓,推開門,可以感覺置身於監獄裡頭。

到了住在Broadway Hotel & Hostel 的第九天,七月二十六日的清晨我醒來,驚覺前晚似乎把手錶給留在公共廁所裡,打開門看見手錶已經不在原本我遺留的位置。其實,是大約凌晨兩點多洗的澡,知道會在那個時間出沒的已經不多了,但是,原本的睡意瞬間清醒,對於右手的輕盈在心上感到沈重不已,看著大家都還在睡著,我輕聲換了衣服,頭腦開始想著該如何是好,手機顯示是六點多鐘,已經睡意全無。







“Have you seen a watch? Please contact front desk or me. ......"






還沒有走出同一個block, 就習慣性的抬起右手找尋消失的時間。一聲慘叫。在這之前,已經預言自己將會做出這樣的舉動,而不到一刻鐘就馬上發生,感覺接下來的時間也是這樣被重蹈著。

來到布魯克林橋之前的公園,已經做了同樣的蠢事三次。我旅行的每一天早上幾乎腦海裡頭都會自動放一些主題歌,而那天早上,不停不停播放的,是歌劇魅影裡頭的 " Past the Point of No Return".

坐在公園裡頭,一個圓環式的公園,看著兩對夫婦各自推著娃娃車在樹蔭與陽光間散步,面對著空曠的圓環中央,看到另一端有棵樹梢上纏著一顆飄不走的紅色氣球,下沈又上升,來來回回扭動著,主題歌煞那換成 “ Time g-o-o...."





On the way to Brooklyn I wrote on my note pad,

"When was the last time I grieved for something I lost? ( I still grief for the lost of my red umbrella.)

How long do I need to grief this time for the lost of my ever first "watch"?

Still, deep in my heart, I believe someone will take it to the front desk. Deep in my heart I believe it will return to me on to my wrist. I'm so not used to the missing weight, and this morning I had looked at the missing time for three times and got hit by the lost again.

Still, please show me another miracle, I believe this is a punishment for the departure from the other half, but I got the message. Please prove it that people are not as selfish as others think they are. Vickyen 2008, July 26th, Sat. "

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

georgia aquarium/ Beluga whale